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Waltz into the fourth dimension

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Vintage New Porn.


Vintage New Porn.


by Rickuz


Conceptual Photography by MikkoLagerstedt


Paul Louise-Julie is a French-American painter and sculptor working exclusively in paper, cardboard and acrylic. Using both traditional and modern techniques, he gives his pieces a gestural and naturalistic effect. Paul places pieces of cardboard and paper in the same geometric harmony characteristic of West African sculpture as well as its hieratic scale. Also, he is strongly influences by European masters such as Klimt, Monet, Rodin, and Eric Joisel. The artist is best known for his 3D paintings. He produces these by placing pieces of paper sculpture onto a canvas, and then adds color and lighting with acrylic paint, thus creating a sense of depth that seamlessly bridges painted illusion with dimensional reality via


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 ”Czech photographer Miloslav Druckmüller from a pier outside the Enewetak Radiological Observatory on the Marshall Islands during a 2009 expedition hosted by the Chair of the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii.  It was during this trip that the photographer had the incredible opportunity to see a total solar eclipse from what is basically the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The location offered an unfettered, crystal clear view of this amazing and rare phenomenon.”